Shaun Grady - UI/UX Web Designer & Developer

As a UI/UX designer and front-end developer with over 8 years of professional development experience and an education in design, I bring a keen attention to detail to everything that I work on. I have a passion for creating seamless, intuitive, and beautiful experiences for users, both aesthetically and functionally.

Angular HTTP ETag Service

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Add easy ETag-based caching to the $http service with angular-http-etag. The main features are listed below.

  • Decorates the $http service to add a cache method to the $http promise.
  • Intercepts $http responses to cache response data and ETags.
  • Utilizes $cacheFactory for in-memory caching; ideal for single-page apps.
  • Simply add a single property to your $http config objects: etag: true.
  • Support for more advanced configurations.

Angular Window Events Module


A simple module for adding $broadcast events for window blur, focus, hide, and show, browser compatibility permitting. Allows for easily modifying the behavior of apps based on the state of the browser window. Design & Development


XForma, the creators of the definitive high-end liquid cooling PC enclosure, MBX MKII. Work included the branding, site design and development—HTML, CSS, JS—and photo compositing/retouching. Minor pieces of development included email template design, PHP, MySQL, and Zoho CRM API interactions.